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Hotel complex in the KABAKUM region of the Golden Sands resort


The company designed and built heating installations with wall-mounted LPG biolers, ventillation installation, solar system with a heating capacity of 3000 litres BHW. The hotel is scheduled to open in November 2010.


Rositsa Hotel – village of Lilkovo


Bioler power station using an ECOFLAM N350 diesel boiler; heating, solar (2000 litres) and ventilation installations.




Belmont Hotel – Pamporovo holiday complex 


Boiler power station using ECOFLAM ECOMAX N510 and ECOFLAM ECOMAX N630 diesel boilers; heating, BHW and ventilation installations.





Perelik Palace Hotel – village of Stoykite 


Boiler power station using an ECOFLAM ECOMAX diesel boiler, heating BHW and ventilation installations.



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