LAKAL is an importer of:

Naptha and LPG steel boilers: "ARCA" and "ECOFLAM" - Italy, "Kombi" - Greece
Pellet and pyrolysis boilers "ARCA" – Italy
Wall-mounted LPG and condensing boilers "ARCA" – Italy
Pellet stoves with water jacket and hot air stoves MCZ – Italy
Wall-mounted LPG and condensing boilers "KOBER - MOTAN" - Romania
Burners "ECOFLAM" - Italy: 
     - diesel,
     - gas methane or LPG,
     - dual - diesel and gas,
     - dual - black oil and gas,
     - waste oi,
     - black oil,
     - pellet and dual pellet and diesel.
Press fittings, safety, adjusting and control apparatuses - "EMMETI" and "F.I.F" - Italy
Heat insulation - pipe and flat "ISOPIPE" - Greece
Solar panels and water-heaters "HELIONAL" and solar panels "VIOTHERM" и "SIRAKIAN" - Greece
INOX flue pipes - straight and flexible with or without heat insulation, "SPIRO" air duct pipes of galvanized steel or INOX, flexible air duct pipes of aluminium  - Greece
Heating installation components - "THERMIS" and "DOCTORIS" - Greece

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