Sports center and hotel “AQUALIFE”

Technical calculations, design and delivery of heating equipment for an exterior Olympic size pool with water volume of 2200м3,  located in sports center and hotel “AQUALIFE” in the village of Kranevo.


Pellet boilers “Kombi KN/AT 350” – 2 units with outputs of 400kW each, tubular heat exchangers “SECESPOL” – 4 units and exterior INOX chimneys “ATRITUBE” with heat insulation 14m each.


The pool’s operational period is March-October, regardless of the outside temperature and maintains a constant water temperature of 28⁰С.


The sports center is a training ground for swimming teams from Europe and Russia and is the only facility on the Balkans with the capacity to offer training in the outdoors outside of the summer season. 





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