Tubular heat exchangers

Tubular heat exchangers

Shell & tube heat exchangers with straight corrugated tubes.


They offer the ideal solution when there is very high flow in comparison to heat transfer especially in swimming pools, solar systems and oil preheating.


Corrugated tubes intensify heat exchange and reduce fouling.



  • high flow at low pressure loses
  • compact sizes
  • resistance to aggressive substances in swimming pool water (e.g. fluorine, chlorine).


HEXONIC Ltd. is a manufacturer of tubular and plate (brazed and frame) heat exchangers with  application in the domestic, public and industrial sectors. 


LAKAL LTD is the official representative for HEXONIC Ltd. in Bulgaria.


If you would like to send us an inquiry for a quote, please send us the starting technical data in order for us to calculate the proper heat exchanger (heat exchangers) or contact us for consultation:

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