Solid fuel and biomass boilers

Solid fuel steel boilers “LSK” from 60 to 410 kW
”LSK” boilers are with steel structure, three fume pass. They are designed for solid fuel – wood, briquettes, coals. 
They are intended for heating residential buildings, villas, hotels, industrial buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals ext.  

Efficiency up to 80-84%.



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Solid fuel steel boiler “DYNAMIC”

Solid fuel steel boilers "DYNAMIC", complete with a mechanical thermostat and a thermometer.


Capacities: 15, 25, 35, 55 kW.


The "DYNAMIC" boilers are intended for heating residential buildings, villas, industrial buildings, ext. with heating volume up to 800 m³ and 90С max temperature of the water.


Produced by Lakal ltd.
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