Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers „IPM” - Italy

Pellet boilers „IPM” - Italy


Complete with built-in: circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety valve, weekly programmable digital control panel and built-in pellet hopper.
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Pellet boilers “GSL PEL” 35 to 120 kW
The “GSL PEL” series are fully automatic pellet boilers designed for heating residential, administrative and industrial buildings.
The “GSL PEL” boilers have steel body, combustion chamber with reversed type flame, complete with high efficient heat exchanger and compact in size. 
All “GSL PEL” boilers come with pellet burner "MEGATHERM".
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Pellet boilers "ARCA GRANOLA AUTOMATIC" 20 to 260 kW

The pellet boilers „ARCA Granola Aut“ are with steel structure, with digital electronic management and control of the automatic ignition, supply and adjustment functions of the system.


Boilers come with thermal rate of 20, 30, 40, 52, 80, 115, 150 and 260 kW.

The electronic management and control system allows you to modulate fuel dosage to the actual needs of the rooms you need to warm up. 

The electronic system can manage all the equipment, including an inertial storage tank (puffer tank), a boiler for domestic use and another renewable energy sources such as a solar panel. This all comes with the simple adjustment of some parameters.

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