Oil or gas boilers

Light oil steel boilers STH 23 to 40 kW

The STH boilers, complete with a diesel burner, circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety valve and control panel.


Due to their compact size, they are suitable for installation in small spaces.


The boilers are factory tested hydrostatically at pressure of 6bar. All the equipment is connected and tested (burner, circulation pump, thermostats).


The materials and thickness of the steel plates, used in the construction, comply with EN 303-1 and EN 303-3. 

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Light oil or gas steel boilers "GS A", 58 to 1160 kW

Light oil or gas steel boilers "GS A", complete with control panel,

The „GS А” boilers are constructed with materials of strict quality and durability specifications and in accordance with the Europian standards EN 303-1 и EN 303-3.
With high efficiency, big heat surfaces, excelent insulationq easy maintance and long operational life.


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Light oil and gas steel boilers "ARCA MK" and "ARCA PRK" 55 to 3500 kW

Light oil and gas steel boilers “ARCA MK” and “ARCA PRK” – Italy, for heating systems with hot water production up to 95°C. Efficiency: up to 92,3%.


Complete with diesel burner "ECOFLAM" and control panel.


Outputs: 55, 68, 80, 90, 100, 120, .... 524, 600, 698, 830, ... 1520, 1870, ... 3000, 3500 kW.

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Oil and gas steel detachable boilers "ARCA MK-S" and "PRK-S" 145 to 1200 kW

Light oil and gas steel detachable boilers “ARCA MK-S” and “ARCA PRK-S” – Italy, for heating systems with hot water production up to 95°C.


With reverse flame, joinable, complete with diesel burner ECOFLAM.


Outputs from 145 to 1200 kW.

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Diesel or gas steel detachable boilers "GS TWO" 290 to 1160 kW

The boilers "GS TWO" are steel, detachable, for mounting in heating systems with maximum working pressure 4bar and a maximum operating temperature of 90 ° C.


Complete with control panel.

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