Combined pellet, solid fuel and biomass boilers

Dual solid-fuel and pellet boiler "DYNAMIC PEL" from 30 to 55kW

Dual solid-fuel and pellet boiler "DYNAMIC  PEL", complete with pellet burner "Megatherm", pellet feeder, mechanical thermostat and flue air valve.


The boilers are intended for heating buildings, homes, villas, hotels and industrial spaces. They are designed for operation with wood, coal and pellets with maximum working temperature of the water of 85°-90°C.


Produced by Lakal ltd.

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Dual solid-fuel and pellet boiler "LSK PEL" from 80 to 250kW
”LSK Pel” boilers are steel, three fume pass. They are designed for operation on solid fuel (wood, briquettes, coals) or pellets
The boilers are intended for heating residential buildings, villas, hotels, industrial buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals ext.  
All „LSK Pel" boilers are delivered complete with kit for solid fuel according to the output  + pellet silo "MEGATHERM" and feeding screw. The pellet silo is an option (on demand).
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